Hospice de la Luz was the wind beneath my wings

“Hospice de la Luz was the wind beneath my wings, the extra pair of eyes, the extra pair of gentle hands. The ears and heart into which I spoke my tears, my fears, asked questions about “would I ever be able to live again.” My husband, at times, after his “grooming” looked like a shiny 55 Chevy chrome bumper. He had a neatly trimmed beard and goatee. He smelled like the sweet outdoors, like when I hang sheets out there to dry. On my journey now, he and all the ones of my life who have gone before me, and make me a quilt of great beauty – all of those whom I have loved deeply in my life, who have gone on to the place where they need to be – continue to fill me with the ability to love and live fully in their place. With deepest and most sincere regards to all of you who care so much at Hospice de la Luz – I remain”