Specialized Programs

Each patient and family on hospice can expect a consistent schedule of visits by our practitioners that has been determined through a comprehensive assessment and with discussions with the patient and family.

An evaluation is done by a registered nurse who will assess the patient and determine if he or she is appropriate for hospice. You do not need a referral for a hospice nurse to conduct an evaluation.

Pain management and symptom control lie at the very heart of our hospice care. Pain affects sleep, appetite, activity and dignity level. Left untreated, pain can cause depression, anxiety and fear. Our physicians and nurses specialize in end-of-life comfort care.

Dementia is an approved diagnosis under the hospice benefit for the advanced stages of the disease. Our nurses, caregivers and our full support staff have received advanced training in dementia care and understand the behaviors, needs and complications associated with all forms of dementia.

Hospice de la Luz has developed a wide array of complimentary therapy programs, which are now available to our patients and their families. These specialized programs were designed to provide our patients’ with innovative approaches to relieve daily stress during participation in our hospice program. All of the complimentary techniques used by Hospice de la Luz are used together with conventional medicine. The overall goal of any complimentary therapy is symptom relief through the senses. Non-verbal, sensory information is often the most powerful and real communication, a patient can experience during times of emotional, spiritual or physical discomfort.

The desired outcome for any alternative therapy technique is to enhance comfort, emotional connection or provide for a meaningful exchange between a patient and another caring person.

Our practitioners are able to refer any patient to the interdisciplinary care team when discomfort is assessed. This allows the team to consider all available interventions, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological. All of our complementary therapies are supervised by practitioners with credentials in that healing art. These techniques are seen by Hospice de la Luz as a perfect complement to our medical and nursing treatments.

Aroma Therapy

Geriatric Touch Therapy

Music Therapy