Our Story

Hospice de la Luz is a locally owned and operated hospice founded by experienced nurses that follow a vision of raising hospice care to a new standard of excellence and compassion. We are not looking to be the biggest hospice, just the best. Hospice de la Luz is committed to living our core values every day: Quality of Life, Communication, Family Centered and Accountability.

In 2005, two dedicated hospice nurses and a dedicated administrator opened the doors of Hospice de la Luz. Their vision was to provide hospice care as it was envisioned by the early founders of hospice. Hospice de la Luz has always been committed to living each day even in the face of terminal or debilitating illness. Hospice de la Luz sought out experienced, caring hospice nurses that put compassion first, and found social workers and chaplains that were dedicated to the art of healing, even when curing the disease wasn’t possible. From our on-site administrator to our experienced nursing director, the leadership of Hospice de la Luz maintains the original vision of serving families.

In 2009, Hospice de la Luz became affiliated with Retreat Healthcare, an award winning, privately owned healthcare organization. The owners of these two leading companies, Dr. Lena Smith and Mr. Robert Metz, recognized their common goals and values. Today, you will find both Dr. Smith and Mr. Metz and over 40 dedicated practitioners working toward innovative hospice programs.