Family Support

Hospice de la Luz is guided by our company’s core values of: Quality of Life, Communication, Family Centered, and Accountability. We have organized a number of programs that are focused on supporting family members and friends while they are affected by a loved one’s decline. Our full care team, most importantly our chaplains and clinical social workers are available to you and your family to provide guidance, education and support. Our support begins the day you call our team for an assessment and continues for up to 13 months after a death for bereavement support.

Here are some examples of teaching topics or areas of concern that families often seek our support:

Making your loved one comfortable in the last days of life
Saying goodbye
Permission to go
What to expect in the last days of life
Feelings of loss
Utilizing community resources
Spirituality during loss

We recognize that every person experiences this journey individually. Your grief belongs to you, but our staff and volunteers share the privilege of walking that journey with you. WE SUPPORT YOU.